Nothing left to be desired

Thanks to our extensive experience in construction and production, technical processes in extraction and cutting technology are easily explained and grasped, enabling quick and expert implementation on site.

In the best of hands

From repair work or maintenance to air measurement or spare parts, we deliver turnkey from the single bearing to the operational extraction system.


ARTECC® GmbH provides services in many areas of extraction and cutting technologies which is based on long-term experience and extends far beyond our own product range. We offer and perform grinding and repair work for cutting units.

We also provide installation and retrofitting services, expansion work and repairs of extraction systems as well as world-wide installation support. We manufacture and deliver consumables for all extraction systems and cutting units.

Fast delivery and pickup service

Our 24-hour delivery and pickup service is the ideal solution for short-term repairs or procurement of spare parts. The goods are picked up, repaired and delivered, all within 24 hours, if needed.

Specialist in spare parts and maintenance

We offer new and used spare parts for all common cutting units. This is possible as part of maintenance agreements or can be directly ordered and installed on site.

Moving service

Industrial installation is an important aspect for the preservation or conversion of production facilities or for relocations. As a full service provider, we offer support from the planning stage to the hand-over of keys.

Sheet steel & steel constructions

Our production ensures a precise implementation of any planning documentation.


We also offer repair and balancing services of fans and fan wheels.

Plant service

We offer a repair and conversion service for extraction systems that are defective or need to be overhauled or reassembled as part of maintenance.

Repair and replacement

We offer an exchange service for shredders that are defective or need to be sharpened and reworked as part of a service.

Air measurement

In order to be able to check the current performance of existing extraction and filter systems, we carry out an inventory and air measurement on site.

Used parts

Used parts that we have technically revised offer a cheap extraction solution or a quick and easy revision of existing systems. Depending on availability, complete systems can also be generated.


You can easily reorder consumables such as foil bags, filters, pipe material, molded parts, knife strips and used parts.

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