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We convert our customers’ requirements for extraction into individual technical solutions.

Internal waste logistics

Our products are used to remove endless edge strips and punched grids or die-cut sheets, empty packaging, die-cuts, all self-adhesive materials, as well as in the food industry and many other applications.

Extraction technology by ARTECC®

Extraction systems make production processes simpler and safer, are able to quickly adapt to changing requirements and are indispensable for environmentally friendly production. Our concept provides for individual planning, construction and production of extraction systems in close cooperation with our customers. That way, we can always guarantee the desired performance in all areas of planning, production and installation.

Our extraction technology is divided into three system types which will optimize any production process through the use of new and economically efficient technologies. ARCUTT cutting technology combined with ARTECC® extraction systems guarantee process-safe production of the highest level. Single-station systems also offer a high degree of comfort and permanent use with precision, also as mobile solutions.

Permanent processing of virtually all materials, especially self-adhesive products but also standard materials, such as paper and foil.
Benefit from our extraction!

Extraction system types

Cut´n Collect

Contactless extraction

For some applications, fans are installed on the clean gas side due to technical reasons. This prevents contact between solids or dusty air with the fan.


With the ARCUTT cutting technology used, all endless waste is cut into small pieces so that large disposal distances can be achieved with low energy consumption.

Cut´n Compact

Compacting the amount of waste

The compacting units are available with different performance capabilities and in different sizes, capable of adapting to any volume of material. Indoor solutions are also conceptualized as centralized extraction systems and are capable of processing sheet goods, edge trimmings and lead frames.


With the ARCUTT cutting technology used, all endless waste is cut into small pieces so that large disposal distances can be achieved with low energy consumption.

Cut´n Clean

Central extraction solution

Central extraction solution for the integration of machine groups or complete halls. Compact and closed disposal systems with large container or channel baling press ensure production across multiple shifts without standstill.


The ARCUTT crushing technology cuts all endless waste into small pieces, achieving greater disposal distances with lower energy consumption.

Construction kits for personal contribution

ARTECC® plant technology impresses with the newest and energy-efficient technology. Systems are delivered, properly installed on site and put into operation. Alternatively, all systems are also available as construction kits which are delivered in assemblies for internal installation.

Areas of application

Extraction of:

Edge trimmings • Punched grud • Production chips • Empty packaging • Production offcuts • Welding fumes • Emulsions • Abrasive dust • Rework

Individual energy savings

The use of ARCUTT crushing technologies in the pipelines of an extraction system with minimal fan power contributes to energy savings of the manufacturing industries.

Turnkey solutions

Comfort solutions which simplify the continued processing of internal waste and can be combined with existing waste logistics on the customer’s side.

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