Stationary single-station solutions or multi station systems

 Press containers or baling presses are used, which are suitable for processing very high permanent amounts of waste. Customer-specific solutions are integrated as well as our collection containers.

Sustainable pipe system

Pipe systems made of galvanized sheet steel are installed on site according to specifications and are always based on the local conditions and the wishes of our customers. Our modular tube system ensures that it can be reused during conversion and enables individual extensions.

Central extraction solution Cut’n Clean

Central extraction solution for the integration of machine groups or complete halls.

Compact and closed disposal systems with large container or channel baling press ensure production across multiple shifts without standstill. The ARCUTT cutting technology cuts all endless waste into small pieces, achieving greater disposal distances with lower energy consumption.

Filter system

For air balancing and saving energy in temperature-controlled halls, the transport air is initially cleaned and then returned into the halls. Filter stations with filter hoses or cartridges and integrated compressed air cleaning guarantee 24-hour production without the loss of suction power. A summer/winter switch is optional.

Separate systems

A press unit separated from the container with superimposed buffer shaft ensures permanent operation of the extraction system while the container is transported to disposal. It also enables simultaneous emptying of small roller containers using a lifting-tilting device while the system continues running.

Safe solutions for your business

Sound insulation

All exterior and interior installations are supplied with the associated sound insulation measures.

Fire protection

Fire sections are equipped with fire flaps and fire alarms and connected to the customer’s own fire alarm center.

Complete solutions

Roller tracks serve as material buffers capable of taking on the production of a complete day which will be emptied at a later time.

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