Printing machines single-stations or central extraction system

Working from roll to roll without stop in-between as wound frame does not have to be removed

Foil bag, press container or baling presses

Depending on the type and scope of the waste material, suitable collection containers will be used.

We will also gladly take our customers’ internal solutions and integrate them into our systems.

Adhesive material products

ARTECC® extraction systems process self-adhesive materials in permanent processes. Edge trimmings and lead frames are extracted, crushed and collected. Our systems are used for the purpose of manufacturing adhesive labels and other self-adhesive products more efficiently. The ARCUTT crushing technology and an oil spray system help to cut all endless self-adhesive waste into small pieces.


Processing adhesive materials presents a particular challenge to the technical structure of an extraction system. All the components of a system must be aligned with each other, and the suitable operating materials must be used.

Oil spray systems

Special oil spray systems for atomizing oil are used and controlled via pulse generator.

Process-safe production

This includes an increase of production speeds, continuous production from roll to roll. Asymmetrical punching forms and thin bars are evenly transported, enabling permanent production without standstill throughout the process. The disposed material can be collected in individual plants or immediately forwarded to the company’s disposal area through the central extraction system.


Internal waste logistics are automated and simplified. Through the integration of local waste disposal companies, the systems can fill the waste material into containers or press it into a form which will not require any further processing steps. That also includes lifting-tilting devices.


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