Size reduction

As a forward-thinking designer and manufacturer, we produce eight different standard sizes worldwide that are graded to DIN pipe diameters. Due to their distinctive structural type, our cutting units have the lowest resistance to air in the pipelines of suction systems and thus offer maximum throughput performance for transported air and solid materials when processing endless process waste in all industrial branches. Our rotor shafts are manufactured as double, triple or multiple blade versions and operated with different electric motors or frequency converters. The desired cut lengths can thus be achieved according to the use.

Large cross section

The large cross section in the housing ensures a very high throughput performance. This advantage can be seen when processing matrix in particular or comparable large volumes of waste materials such as textiles or non-woven fabrics.

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Z10 - Z12 - Z14 - Z15
Z16 - Z18 - Z20 - Z25


Food and pharmaceuticals

Complete units made of stainless steel, highly suitable for use in the area of food or the pharmaceutical industry.